About AnnealMyBrass.com

I am a bench rest and varmint shooter and belong to a local gun club as well as the NRA.  200, 300, and 600  yard matches are my regular shooting disciplines.  I shoot .223, 6 BR, 6.5x47, and 30BR.  

UPDATE: This past winter season I have been shooting a 300 yard match monthly. I started to anneal after every firing. My scores are consistently higher! Is it all due to the annealing? I think not. But, I do believe it is part of the consistency package.

Recently, I shot in our club's 300 yard varmint match.  Each relay consists of 5 score shots and one bonus which is a picture of a house fly (actual size!).  I shot 2 out of 4 flies at 300 yards!  Magnified photo below:


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